Classic car, London

Let’s catch up!

After an uninspired period, my mojo is slowly creeping back (in part due to a blog redesign, what do you think?)—but even after writing that first sentence I’ve hit a wall. It’s been frustrating.

Work has been awful this year and it undoubtedly impacted on my mental state BUT today was my last day!! I’m now on holiday, with a trip to Manchester for a friend’s 30th this weekend, before starting my new job next week. It feels really right for me, I can’t wait to get stuck in.

I’ve been busy seeing friends, planning our trip to Italy and pottering around the new flat, speaking of which a few of you asked for a tour so I’ll put that together! Promise you’ll think of it as a before/during rather than a before/after, ok? We’re making progress but we’ve got a way to go…

London Underground

Apologies if you’ve also found things lacklustre around here. I’d like to get into outfit blogging again, alongside the lifestyle stuff I so enjoy, but I’m pretty unhappy with my current appearance and M, who (of course) would be taking the photos, doesn’t get blogging whatsoever—never mind personal style blogging!

Anyway, that’s more than enough from me, what’ve you been up to? I feel better just for having let all of that out so for those of you who made it all the way to the end, here’s a treat.

London, red phone box


5 thoughts on “Let’s catch up!”

  1. OKAY, I am so jealous you are going to Italy. AGAIN. I want to come! Best of luck with the new job, I was in the same situation but I start my new one tomorrow, here’s to hoping our first days go well! I hope you do get back into outfit posts, I always loved them.

    Tara x


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