This week’s wishlist

A SS15 wishlist!

we’re about to have our bathroom renovated so i’ve spent a unreasonable amount of time looking at taps this week; you wouldn’t believe how many exist & how subtle the differences are. anyhoo i’ve been in need of my more usual type of shopping so here are some pretty things i’ve found. all my pennies are going on the aforementioned new bathroom so please live vicariously & shop on my behalf. happy weekend!

striped skirt | wes anderson book | ‘honey’ fragrance | low top converse | mickey mouse watch | burt’s bees balm | sleeveless shirt | tortoise box | rimmel provocalips (review here!) | denim culottes | unicorn tears bag |

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7 thoughts on “This week’s wishlist”

  1. Hope the bathroom is going well… I’m liking quite a few things on this list but I too need to spend less on clothes and save money for home shopping but a girl can always browse right?



  2. Oh I love all of these picks! The white blouses are so perfect for the summer and the white converse too. I’m tempted to pick some white converse up for the Summer seeing as they go with everything!


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