2&4 Vintage Shop, Hoxton, London

London vintage store: 2&4, N1

A poke around 2&4 in De Beauvoir has been on our agenda since we spotted it from the top deck of the 141 a couple of months ago. Last weekend we wandered down for look, also hopeful of meeting the shop cat.

Well, there was no sign of kitty and the wares were out of our price range (waaay out) but there was a beautiful selection of retro and vintage items to drool over, including wishbone chairs and String shelving. There’s also a little café selling cakes, etc.

The service wasn’t exactly great and to be blunt we thought things were actually over-priced, taking advantage of the current Scandi-obsession, but the items were all in very good condition (or well-restored) so the shop is worth a visit if you’re in the area – and have just been come into some money ;)

2&4 Vintage Shop, London, N12&4 Secondhand Shop, London, N1


3 thoughts on “London vintage store: 2&4, N1”

  1. Looks amazing! My bank balance is running pretty low though so may have to give it a little while before visiting haha



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