Easy diy: no-sew bunting

Easy bunting DIY!

today i’m sharing what is probably the world’s easiest diy. it’s also amazingly cheap, maybe even free depending on what you have lying around the house, yay! who wouldn’t want some lovely bright bunting hanging up in their house?! exactly.

What you’ll need

  • measuring tape
  • twine or other pretty string: mine was £1 for 35m from tiger
  • fabric scraps: ours were all free samples from our recent sofa/bed-shopping adventures!
  • triangle template
  • fabric scissors: these are from john lewis
  • glue: i used super glue but consider yours based on your fabric thickness
  • pegs or small foldback clips: i like these cool metallic ones!

(as you can see there’s a single hole punch pictured here; i was going to hang my pennants using holes in the top corners but decided against it based on the weight of some of my fabric.)

No-sew bunting DIY!

how to make your fabric scrap bunting

  1. measure out your twine & decide on the length of bunting you want to make. i’d recommend not cutting ’til you’re 100% sure – i measured out about 170cm of twine for my 132cm mantlepiece but ended up going slightly longer so we’d have more a dramatic ‘drop’ & i wouldn’t have had this option if i’d cut the string at the start.
  2. lay out your fabric &, if you’re going for a multi-coloured look like myself, plan the order of your colours, patterns, etc.
  3. decide on the size of the gap between each triangle, how many pieces you’ll need, then cut out your triangles. make sure you don’t mess up the lovely little order arrangement you just made!
  4. run 2 lines of glue along the top of your first triangle, each a few millimetres below the edge. wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky, then place the string along the first line & fold over the top part of your triangle so that the edge sticks to the bottom line, hiding the string. peg into place while the glue dries.
  5. repeat along the length of your twine until all of your triangles are stuck on. once the glue is dry & you’re happy with the length cut the end of the twine, leaving enough to hang it at either end.

so simple, so cute, & such a fun way to while away a couple of hours on a more-dreary spring day. ours currently hangs from the mantlepiece but another bonus of making it longer is that i can move it to my other option which is along the top of the chimney breast (i’m mirror shopping so we’ll see how that goes before the final decision is made!). let me know if you give this a go!

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p.s. the ‘art’ shown in the frame below is another wallpaper-sample-recycled-as-print masterpiece!

DIY bunting from fabric scraps & twine


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