3 thoughts on less-regular hair washing

3 benefits of washing hair less regularly

we know we shouldn’t wash our hair too often but that doesn’t always mean we pay attention to the advice. i used to wash mine daily (the mere thought of an alternative grossed me out) but around christmas 2013 i decided to try gradually going for longer between washes & i soon found myself with a new routine that i’ve stuck to ever since: now i lather up every 3-4 days. let’s talk about the benefits of less-regular washing!

You’ll save money on haircare products

i started taking much better care of my locks over the past year & have admittedly become a bit of a product snob, mostly worshiping at the altar of kérastase;  when you spend 15 quid on a bottle you want it to go a long way so less regular washing suits me fine & i find that i need less of these quality products anyway. styling-wise i use moroccanoil every time i wash my hair, kerastase resistance ciment thermique every 3 washes or so, & occasionally throw in some classic vo5 mousse for volume.

do you know how much time you spend washing & styling your hair?!

i still shower every day, let’s make that clear. i only have mid-length hair & am pretty low maintenance (i talked last summer about quitting hair straightening) so my cleaning & styling routine is probably quicker than that of the ‘average’ woman, but it still adds 20-ish minutes to my morning on ‘wash days’ & in my opinion that time is better spent in bed. i do have a fringe which needs daily blow-drying but (as i’ve got used to my new ‘do) the rest of my head basically gets a once-over with my tangle teezer & that’s that. thank you kate moss for making imperfect hair acceptable.

You’ll have a healthier head

why do the experts say washing too often is bad? (most) products strip your hair & scalp of natural oils. no one likes a greasy mop but these oils are good for the health of your head & constantly washing them away is counter-productive as your body will just work hard to reproduce them. of course not washing enough leads to other potential health problems (if i go too long my head starts getting itchy, as i discovered when i was trying to find my new regularity pattern).

of course this is just my experience of switching to a lazy girls’ routine – it’s all about finding what works for you! how often do you wash your locks? are any of you co-washers? i’m intrigued to know if that works for caucasian hair too so let me know if you’ve any tips!

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7 thoughts on “3 thoughts on less-regular hair washing”

  1. I wash my hair every other day, at a push, I’ll leave it 3 days but I just feel yucky! Washing it is such a chore, I wish I could leave it 4 days!!


  2. I used to wash everyday but now I’m down to every second day and that felt like a massive achievement. I just hate that greasiness but I know I should give it another go to cut down a bit more!


  3. I’ve always washed my hair every other day as a maximum, but I can be a bit lazy over the weekend and let it go for longer.
    Maybe I should wash it everyday for a while so I see the benefit when I switch back to less frequently :P



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