Affordable wall art ideas

Awesome & affordable Etsy wall art inspiration!

whether you rent or own wall art is the quickest way to add some personality to your place! we’ve just spent the weekend painting our living room a warmer white (despite my boyfriend’s assertions there are different shades) so i’m on the hunt for some fun details to pop up on the walls.

i love ikea’s prints, don’t get me wrong, but personally i want something a little bit different. besides all of the gorgeous etsy items i’ve picked out here, here are some other suggestions for ways to customise your space on the cheap:

  • frame your own photos (of course! i tend to use truprint)
  • use pretty gift wrap as ‘prints’ (a few years ago i bought a vintage-style tube map for £5 & i recently saw an identical poster for £65!)
  • recycle pretty wallpaper samples (like i did here)

have you found any amazing etsy print shops? please do share!

single ladies | amelie poulin | acceptable in the 80s | je ne regrette | street girls | do something today  nyc pennant | we are infinite | colouring crayons | world map | rainbow typewriter

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6 thoughts on “Affordable wall art ideas”

  1. I love inspirational wall art and random art we’ve picked up across the globe! I think the more eclectic the mix, the better. ;)

    Tara x


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