Interior inspiration: door details

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this must be a phase all new homeowners go through but i’m obsessed with the fact that we can now actually change our space! the problem is, after a decade of renting & with a myriad of amazing options it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

obviously, a good starting point is pinterest (& i’m eternally grateful to have recently discovered apartment therapy) however when it comes to bedrooms & living spaces i seem to like all the styles so i’m finding it hard to make decisions & stick to them. we’re trying to take it slow & not spend all our money on “that’ll do”-type things that we’ll end up replacing in 6 months. but it’s hard!

one thing is for sure: m & i love colour. we’re wary of making a messy & expensive-to-rectify mistake, though. we like our white walls & have ordered a fairly bright sofa (2 weeks to go, baby!), but i’m becoming increasingly convinced that a painted (or washi-taped!) door is the way to go, allowing us to introduce another colourful pop with minimal risk. what do you think?!

[ image credits: yellow door | geometric b+w | neon-trimmed | half-painted door ]

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p.s. happy easter weekend, bring on the chocolate :)


5 thoughts on “Interior inspiration: door details”

  1. haha i feel the same, I like every trends. I think the successful interiors, whatever the trend is, are the ones that stick to a certain colour palette but I personally find it too hard to commit. I fall in love with objects, regardless of them fitting to a style or colour scheme. I love the washi tape door, I also pinned it a while a go and often come back to it to look at it. I wouldn’t know what colour to use though. Hopelessly undecisive…
    Are you going to do home updates? I’d be curious to see how you decorate your flat, from your insta pictures, it looks like such a lovely space xnora


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