A photo an hour

View from our window

our first day in our new home had to be documented, obviously, & as i love hjartesmil’s ‘photo an hour’ series so much i took some inspiration. i’m so glad i did & that i’ll always be able to remember some of the little details from this special day.

8:00am: we woke up exhausted after a hectic few days so we treated ourselves & stayed in bed for a while. it was a beautiful day; after a year living on a raised-ground floor you really appreciate seeing fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky.

White and grey bed

9:00am: we started to consider getting up but it was hard. is there anything better than bed & a book?

Unpacking our living room

10:00am: we carried on unpacking box after box after box. i spent some time contemplating my shelf layout (as yet still undecided).

Kitchen window cacti

11:00am: we got hungry but the kitchen was still boxed-up so our focus was shifted. sidenote: i love my mini cacti!

Fry up brunch

12:00pm: brunch! m cooked us a pretty awesome first breakfast in our new home.

Unpacking our living room - progress!

1:00pm: oh my god, we can see the floor! how pretty are the flowers my nanna sent us?

Feather pillow leakage

2:00pm: we move on to the bedroom. our new pillows shed feathers e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Unpacking our wardrobe

3:00pm: we hang the wardrobe doors back on & our clothes get in on the unpacking action.

Beauty area

4:00pm: i organise my day-to-day cosmetics & hooray, i can wear make up again!

Stoke Newington, London

5:00pm: cabin fever sets in. we go out for a wander around stoke newington.

Vintage black Rolls Royce car

6:00pm: some serious car porn.

Kebabs at Testi, Dalston, London

7:00pm: we end up in dalston & decide to treat ourselves to a celebratory meal at one of our favourite restaurants. from nowhere, it starts to rain really heavily so we eat slowly…

Chickpizz, Stoke Newington, London

9:00pm: we walk home past what i believe to be the least-attractively named eaterie in north london.

True Romance DVD in bed

10:00pm: we crawl into bed & watch one of my favourite films, true romance.

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7 thoughts on “A photo an hour”

  1. True Romance <3
    Mini cactus are so cute, and too hard to maintain, love them. Lovin' your interior details.
    The brunch looks delicious! About the car: I'm glad I don't know how to drive, so I can't feel tempted to steal a a vehicle. My first photo is still the first one though – beautiful.



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