Crouch End, London

A day in Crouch End, London

A few weeks ago, we were in need of a change of scenery so we wrapped up against the chill for a Sunday wander.

Crouch End was an area I hadn’t put much thought into ’til recently, when I passed through on the bus after a sleepover at a girlfriend’s, but I’ve since been wondering how I’d missed an area this cute that was just a mile or so from my flat. (I even bought my bike there, though the bend in the Crouch End Hill had hidden anything of note.)

In my opinion, Crouch End has a lot in common with not-too-distant neighbour Hampstead. The high street is so pretty, made up mainly of independent cafés and stores with a good smattering of charity shops (unusually reasonably-priced ones at that). There are some lovely, characterful old buildings complete with vintage signs, which made us two nerds happier than is probably normal. We’ll be back for some of Dunns’ sweet treats if nothing else.

p.s. Thank you to everyone who’s shared in our recent excitement! In answer to a fairly-common question: yes we’ll be sharing some photos, including the works-in-progress we have planned!

Crouch End, LondonCrouch End, LondonCrouch End, LondonCrouch End, LondonCrouch End, LondonOld Dairy restaurant, Crouch Hill, London


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