8 books to read this spring

Books to read this spring

all being well we’re currently settling into our new home (eee!) the negative of which being that we’re internet-less until tomorrow, so i scheduled this post as it’s about time i shared my/asked for your book suggestions for the new season anyway.

like most people i go through real phases with reading. lately i’ve been in the mood to devour books (which is unfortunate because we’ve been busy prepping for the big move) & below you can find some that i’ve read & enjoyed since the start of 2015, or that i plan to get to in the next few weeks. if you have any recommendations please do leave a comment!

1. “notes from a small island” by bill bryson

2. “a tree grows in brooklyn” by betty smith

3. “have i said too much?: my life in & out of the model agency” by carole white

4. “the wes anderson collection” by matt zoller seitz

5. “born free” by joy adamson

6. “the shining” by stephen king

7. “watership down” by richard adams

8. “the men who stare at goats” by jon ronson

(see more on my ‘to read’ list!)

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