A rather exciting life update!!

Typical London door & latch

as of today m & i are officially homeowners & we couldn’t be happier!!!

as a long-term renter i’ve moved house pretty much every year since i went to university in 2004. after so much time spent lugging boxes, making do with crappy furniture, being ripped off by managing agents, & tolerating noisy housemates with weird habits, i can now finally choose my own bed & hang things on my walls & maybe even get a little pet! (we’re thinking a hedgehog, watch this space.)

i can’t say the home-buying process has been as stress-free or exciting as we’d hoped but that’s potentially a story for another time – today we’ve been all about celebrating (that & scrubbing our old flat from top to bottom…)! we’ve got a few little bits left to pack before the removal van arrives tomorrow so i’ll see you on the other side! eek!

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