Proper Italian gelato from Rosa's in Genoa, Italy

48 hours in Genoa, Italy

We finally reach the end of our Italian adventure!

Over the course of 10 days, M and I visited 11 different places: Pisa, Florence, Fiesole, the Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia and MonterossoLevanto, Camogli and Genoa.

It was pretty exhausting but totally amazing and I feel so lucky that we were able to see so much of this incredible country. M had never been to Italy before but we both well and truly have the bug. We’ve been talking about going back this year… (update: we went back).

Genoa, Italy architectureGenoa Baptist Church, Italy"Anti hipster zone", Genoa, ItalyGenoa Old Town, ItalyGenoa, Italy#fromwhereistand, Genoa, ItalyPalazzo garden, Genoa, ItalyGraffiti in Genoa, ItalyBuying wine at the mercato, Genoa, ItalyGenoa harbour, Italy

I hadn’t been to Italy’s north-west corner and while Genoa is in some ways similar to my more familiar Tuscan cities it really has its own vibe. In both appearance and atmosphere, Genoa is fairly rough around the edges: it’s sprawling, gritty, urban and edgy. Or maybe it only felt like that after the tiny, multi-coloured prettiness of the Cinque Terre.

(Side note: I miss my legs being so tanned.)

Inside the Grand Hotel Savoia, Genoa, ItalyThe bar of the Grand Hotel Savoia, Genoa, ItalyView from the roof of the Grand Hotel Savoia, Genoa, Italy

Where to stay

To end our trip on a high, we treated ourselves to a stay at the Grand Hotel Savoia. I’d like to say we enjoyed the rooftop terrace for the views but, honestly, we were there for the hot tub and the cocktails (ok, the views were good too). For a 5* hotel the prices are really reasonable and we’d recommend it.

Where to eat

The upside of being in a bigger but less tourist-y place is that we found that things like eating out and bottled water were generally cheaper.

Our food tips are Gran Ristoro for panino and Profumo di Rosa for gelato (we also found a truly fantastic braceria on the harbour but, devastatingly, it appears to have gone).

So, that’s it! If you have any questions or indeed other recommendations to share, please do leave a comment or tweet me. Arrivederci!

Gran Ristoro sandwich shop, Genoa, ItalyGran Ristoro panino shop, Genoa, Italy


4 thoughts on “48 hours in Genoa, Italy”

  1. BECKY. I’m glad this is over… I can’t even deal! I’m genuinely confused about my honeymoon plans haha. I still want to go to Scandinavia after your previous posts…What do you do to me? No one else makes me want to travel as much as you do!


  2. Loved this post and would love to visit Genova! Italy is all things awesome, from the landscape to the food, I really miss that evocative country. “Anti hipster zone” » brilliant!


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