Camogli fishing harbour, Italy

Pit stop in Camogli, Italy

Camogli is a quiet little fishing village on the Riviera di Levante. It’s not far outside of Genoa, the final destination on our Italian adventure from where we would fly back to London—so we decided to break up the train journey from Levanto and hop off for a wander and some lunch. We were so glad we did!

Camogli, ItalyCamogli, ItalyCamogli, Italy

M is guide book obsessive (whereas I’m more “let’s-see-where-we-end-up”) but his post-research suggestion to pit stop in Camogli was surpassed only by his planning in regards to where we should eat: we had one of the best meals of our trip at La Camogliese. This sea-front restaurant has amazing views and as we arrived at an odd time we basically had the place to ourselves.

La Camogliese restaurant, Camogli, ItalyInside La Camogliese restaurant, Camogli, ItalyFood at La Camogliese restaurant, Camogli, Italy

Post-seafood ravioli, we spent an hour or so discovering the village and harbour. This stretch of coast has a strong pirate-related history and standing in the marina you can just imagine sea-faring crooks mooring their boats and offloading their ill-gotten gains, squirreling them away into the little caves or down the narrow side streets.

Daydreaming over, it was time to head to Genoa…!

Camogli harbour, ItalyFishing village harbour, Camogli, Italy


4 thoughts on “Pit stop in Camogli, Italy”

  1. So my best friend is touring Italy this Summer and you aren’t helping my jealousy. ;) We still haven’t decided on a honeymoon because I’m just torn!


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