A short stay in Levanto

Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy

after finishing our cinque terre tour in monterosso we decided to get the ferry to levanto. waiting on the dock, the skies clouded over & it became a little bit stormy; luckily the boat takes less than 10 minutes so it didn’t get the chance to get too choppy (i’ve only felt seasick once, on the ferry from ellis island to manhattan, but it’s not something i wish to experience again)!

Monterosso al Mare harbour, Cinque Terre, ItalyBoats on the beach, Levanto, Italy

after a full-on, nomadic week or so, we were making levanto our base for 3 nights. it felt good to be able to dump our bags knowing we wouldn’t need to pick them up for a couple of days (not that i’d been carrying much, i admit) & the next day the sun was shining again!

Italian flag-stickered bike, LevantoChurch of San Andrea, Levanto, ItalyCrumbling arch, Levanto, ItalyLevanto cinema, ItalyBright red tandem chopper bicycle, Italy

levanto is another old-fashioned resort but something about the 80s-style cheesiness felt right here. our super-retro hotel housed mainly young families & the elderly: staying half-board was compulsory & dinner options had to be decided on at breakfast time. it wasn’t exactly our first choice but it was well-located & clean & we surprised ourselves by somewhat falling for it’s classic charm.

Levanto beach, ItalySunbathing on Levanto beach, ItalyBeach house, Levanto, ItalyBright beach house, Levanto, Italy

we spent most of our stay reading on the beach, with the occasional trip to the gelato counter or a pizza slice place we’d found. a large part of my beach-time was also taken up with daydreaming about living in one of the sea-view villas above. is it just me or are they real-life barbie houses?

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