Italian day trip, from Florence to Fiesole

Fiesole, Italy

while in florence we got talking to an australian couple who recommended taking a day trip to the local town of fiesole; m had also read good things in our guide books so the next day off we went. a cheap 20-minute bus ride from piazza san marco, fiesole is said to have been founded in the 8th century bc & is home to some impressive etruscan & roman ruins that we had a good poke around.

Roman ruins, Fiesole, ItalyRoman ruins, Fiesole, ItalyAt Fiesole's Roman ruins

fiesole sits on the edge of a hill & if you climb up to the top you find a monastery, convento di san francesco, that you can explore for free. there are also beautiful views over florence lying down in the valley below; as you can see it was very hazy the day we went but you can still make out terracotta rooftops spreading for miles & miles! next up on this time-travelling italy trip, the cinque terre!

Hill-top monastery, Fiesole, ItalyView over Florence from Fiesole, Italy

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