Honest Burgers, London

Places to eat: Honest Burgers

If you’re on a new year health kick look away now! I’m decidedly squishy myself at the moment but burgers > abs any day. I’m a big fan of Honest Burgers in particular (not news to you if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter). In fact ever since I first ate at their Soho restaurant any subsequent burger has been measured against these with the verdict always: “it’s not as good as Honest”.

The prices are bloody excellent e.g. a cheeseburger with delicious rosemary-salt fries is just £8.50, and branches are springing up all over the capital. When I worked in Camden Town I was just about able to avoid it on the basis that the market was too far away…but I moved to King’s Cross last month and now Pentonville Road is a convenient 5-minute walk away (luckily or unluckily, however you see it).

I may just accept that the only buns I’ll ever have will come with a dry-aged beef patty inside.

Honest Burgers, LondonHonest Burgers, London


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