Beauty product illustration: MAC lipstick & Essie nail varnish (© The Tip Top Little Shop)

What’s in my sketchbook

When I was little I adored drawing and was rarely without a pencil in my hand. A-level fine art and the introduction to serious photography is to blame for my more recent disinterest, but I’ve been getting back into the doodling habit (see my word of the year!).

I’m enjoying spending my evenings filling my shiny new sketchbook and am starting to feel like some level of proficiency is returning, so I thought i’d share a couple of simple scribbles (as is my style). I’d love to hear your thoughts! How are your resolutions going so far?


2 thoughts on “What’s in my sketchbook”

  1. Lippy and polish? I’d expect nothing less! I bet your sketchbook is full of cuteness! I wish I could draw, I can’t even handle stick men. SOB.


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