30 before 30

Angelina patisserie, Paris

i’ve always intended to do a “30 before 30” so a whole month after my 29th birthday (in paris – the photo above was my birthday breakfast, oh yes) i was horrified to realise i hadn’t even compiled the list. now we’re in 2015, the year in which said milestone occurs, & i’ve still not chosen half of my 30 things never mind started doing them. hardly the best start.

i want to keep my goals realistic while still pushing myself (no skydives here, i turned 29 i didn’t go insane). what did/would you put on your list? do you have any suggestions for my other 16 things?!

  1. go on a spontaneous day trip
  2. master my grandad’s minolta 110 zoom slr camera
  3. visit 3 places in the uk that i’ve never visited before
  4. tick at least another 3 sites of the unesco world heritage list
  5. continue to save every single month
  6. learn how to knit
  7. start eating more healthily (fruit & veg every day)
  8. read at least 5 classic books that i’ve always meant to read
  9. start to re-learn french
  10. learn how to bake a classic dessert really well
  11. climb a mountain
  12. make a roast dinner (at least mostly) by myself
  13. decide what i want to do with my life & start working towards it
  14. buy a house

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