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Thoughts on 2014, plans for 2015

2014 reflections

One good thing about blogging is that it’s harder to forget things you otherwise might not appreciate. Initially I didn’t look back on this year as being great (Clooney being off the market goes some way to making it tragic). Actually, my gripes are predominantly work-related.

2014 had its highlights: I moved in with my guy; visited Norway, Sweden, Spain, Montenegro and Paris; pretty much stuck to my goals; and found the long-lasting red lipstick (priorities).

2015 goals

In 2013, inspired by Anna, I chose a word instead of making resolutions. This year I’m doing the same and my word is: C R E A T E.

I want to spend more time writing, taking photos, scrapbookingdrawing, knitting, maybe making animations again—I might even start vlogging(!).

What are your plans for the new year? Thank you so much for reading this year, wishing you an awesome 2015!

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts on 2014, plans for 2015”

  1. I just want to get my arse in gear for 2015. This last year I have been incredibly lazy and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Create is a good one x


  2. Good luck Becky!
    I love my blog for keeping track of months and years, but I’m not good with setting up the goals, I still contemplate if I should make a list. x


  3. YESSS to vlogging!! :) It’s so hard to come up with a word…What about…Enjoy. I want to enjoy life a little more. Stop worrying about money, a career, where I’ll be in 5 years and also stop comparing myself to everyone else. I just want to start enjoying all the positive and wonderful things/people I have in my life. What’s that famous saying? ‘The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.’ <—-THIS.


  4. I agree, 2014 was alright but could definitely have been better. There are some things I definitely need to do this year that I’ve been putting off forever. Some of fun things like wanting to travel more. Either way I’m definitely going to make sure I book myself a holiday by March. Whether it’s an awesome trip with family or just a short break back to HK…we’ll see! Happy new year lovely!


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