8 ways to get organised—let's do this!

8 ways to get organised

I love getting organised and hardly need an excuse to break out the label maker(💖), but there’s something about the fresh start a new year brings that really gets me mo-ti-va-ted (I may’ve started ticking-off this list at the same time as I started writing it, #keen).

Here are 8 tasks I’ve set myself to get this year off to a good start, hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

  1. Organise hard-copy photos and negatives
  2. Finish work-in-progress scrapbooks and other DIY projects
  3. Wear in all those new shoes (some that’re no longer so new…)
  4. Back-up my Macbook and sort out my external hard drive
  5. Send any lingering 35mm/120 films off for processing
  6. Continue to have regular wardrobe clear-outs
  7. Scan and shred paperwork that’s more than 6-months-old
  8. Unsubscribe from tempting retail-related email subscriptions

p.s. how cute is my new Keel’s Simple Diary?! Every year I say I’m not buying a paper organiser but…

Keels Simple DiaryInside my Keels Simple Diary


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