Junk shop in Islington, London

London vintage store: Mr All Sorts, N1

I hope your secondhand shopping needs haven’t been dependent on this next installment of my vintage store guide; it’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? I’ve actually been doing a fair bit of successful junk-shop shopping (I briefly mentioned a great place in East London, which I’ll post about at some point) but I’ve been more focused on rummaging for treasure than taking photos!

We frequent Mr All Sorts fairly regularly and there’s always something to discover (on our last visit we were seriously tempted by an American traffic light) but the prices are pretty damn high so we’re yet to walk away with anything. There is some really cool stuff in here though!

If you’re in the mood for some vintage next time you find yourself in Islington, do pop into Mr All Sorts (and his more budget-friendly neighbour Past Caring).

Inside Mr Allsorts on Essex Road, London


5 thoughts on “London vintage store: Mr All Sorts, N1”

  1. The traffic light caught my eye too, how amazing would that be in your front room! Shame the stuff is overpriced, but I wouldn’t mind a snoop around. Merry Xmas lovely lady x


  2. I love thrift shops, but I actually don’t have enough time to actually visit them too often, it always seem to be a bigger trip.
    Merry Christmas Becky!


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