Lomography Holga, La Sardina and Diana Mini

My camera collection: Lomography

This time, let’s look at my Lomography collection! For those of you on the hunt for a fun present I’d highly recommend these retro-style film cameras. Aren’t they just too cute?!

The La Sardina is a good entry to the world of analogue photography; it feels very sturdy and as a result I’ve thrown it in a fair few suitcases. Its highly-saturated snaps are perfect for holidays – have a look at some of my photos from Italy!

My Holga 120n was my first venture into Lomo-land and the square format, then a novelty as it was pre-Instagram. It’s stupidly easy to use and there are lots of ways to customise it, but I don’t think the 35mm film hack can be beaten.

My fella recently got me a much-longed-for Diana Mini (just because ❤️ ) and I’m still getting to grips with it but just look at it!

Some film photography tips:

You can buy Lomography cameras from ASOS and Urban Outfitters.


4 thoughts on “My camera collection: Lomography”

  1. So, so jealous of your Holga – I want one so badly! I’ve got a fisheye and action sampler, yet to branch into “proper” toy cameras, if you can call them that!


  2. I think film cameras are rather beautiful but I never know how to use them properly! My sis has the Diana and her photos are really cool. Toy cameras are really cute too aren’t they and just look great on shelves – or that fab ladder in your case!


  3. I was debating getting Ollie one of these for Christmas (he has a huge collection of cameras but all serious big ones) but I couldn’t decide which to go for or if he’d actually use it. The photos from the La Sardinia are gorgeous, love that retro vibe they have, they remind me of our family’s old holiday photos from when I was really small!


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