Autumn/winter daily skincare routine

Daily skincare routine: autumn/winter

I’m blessed with dryness, dullness, breakouts and dark, under-eye shadows year-round (!) but in winter I could dedicate my waking hours to fighting these issues—and still fail. Cold winds and central heating play havoc with my sensitive epidermis. The struggle is real.

There are a handful products I’ve come to rely on, and while it might look like a lot this routine takes me less than 5 minutes.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: suitable for all skin types but especially good for those that are that bit more delicate. Daily go-to.

St Ives Invigorating Scrub: I love how soft my skin feels after I’ve used this, once or twice a week.

Konjac sponge with french green clay: I alternate this with the scrub, with an exfoliation-free day in-between, and afterwards my skin feels squeaky-clean but not stripped (though I am disappointed by how quickly this is falling apart considering it’s not used daily!).


Simple Kind-to-Skin Toner: I use Simple products on the advice of a GP, who recommended only basic ingredients. While I’m perfectly happy with this I’m keen to try Lush’s Rosewater Toner next!


The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum: new to my line-up, this is incredible and a bargain at £12 (I bought the aloe version too, though I’m yet to try that one).

E45 Cream: a classic. I’ve tried so many moisturisers over the years, some pretty expensive, and don’t know why I haven’t just used this my entire life: it’s unbeatable.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: 100% deserving of it’s own post.

Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream: I blogged about this fairly recently but (while I like it) have since discovered the revelation that is almond oil. I’m alternating ’til the cream is gone, then it’s oil all the way.

Nivea SOS Lip Relief: I pop a bit of this on just before bedtime to wake up with soft, smooth lips.

Blemish treatments

Sudocrem: it sounds weird but if you’ve tried it you know I’m right. This is magic, literally making blemishes disappear overnight. (Gross fact: it also healed my recent post-cold, chapped nose in just a few hours and believe me the poor thing was a mess.)

Tea tree oil: confession time—I sometimes squeeze my spots. Don’t say you don’t! When I’ve failed to resist temptation I just dab a bit of this natural antiseptic on. I get it from Home Bargains or Savers, where it’s about 50p for a teeny bottle that’ll last a year or more.

Read my updated skincare routine, for autumn/winter 2015

Daily skincare routine for autumn/winter


9 thoughts on “Daily skincare routine: autumn/winter”

  1. That Body Shop moisturiser is my absolute fave, I’ve been using it for years and whenever I try something new, I always return to it. I use sudocrem too! I need to invest in some tea tree oil – who doesn’t squeeze!? ;)


  2. can i offer a couple of suggestions?

    physical exfoliants like st ives are actually pretty damaging to facial skin: the uneven chunks of walnut cause micro-tears in the skin. an alternative is some kind of chemical exfoliant (check out paula’s choice website for one that suits your skin’s needs) or just using a wash cloth with your normal cleanser and gently exfoliating the skin.

    for toner: witch hazel is amazing. it’s very astringent so it’s great for oily skin, but for drier skin i dilute it quite a lot – probaly 1 part witch hazel to at least 3 parts distilled water (you could fiddle with the dilution to suit your needs – diluting with rose water is also nice).

    for dull skin: i add a couple drops of vit c serum/oil to my morning moisturizer.

    and don’t forget sunscreen! elta MD makes a great one that doesn’t leave a white chalkiness on the face.


  3. First time to your blog, by way of A beautiful Mess, I really enjoy the lay out and content, I had to mimic your theme, just getting started with a blog! Wanted to add trying Exfolikate by Kate Sommerville, it’s the bomb, fruit enzymes.


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