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Life lately (or, a bit of a moan)

I’ve kept an online diary of sorts since 2004-ish; I shut down my previous blog when my long-term relationship ended, but after a while I missed blogging. The point of starting ACCOOOHTREMENTS. was just to document ‘happy things’.

But life has been bloody tough recently and I’ve felt less than cheerful. Both my fella and I have been under the weather. We’re stressed, tired, our immune systems are suffering. Weekends and evenings have been spent with Netflix and food. Admittedly that doesn’t sound too bad but it just isn’t normal for us to spend all our free time in front of the TV.

Yesterday, I put on make up for the first time in nine days and wore a skirt that’s usually saved for ‘best’. We left the house and spent four hours getting some fresh air in East London, discovering a brilliant new-to-us vintage store and buying my favourite olives at Broadway Market. Damn did I feel ill afterwards but it blew away some cobwebs.

Today has been back to laziness (big achievement: organising my t-shirt drawer), but that’s ok. Allowing myself to take down time has given me new perspective: I still don’t know what I need to do to make myself happier but I know what’s making me unhappy and so what needs to change.

It’s easy to feel guilty for wanting what we want when there are terrible things going on in the world and I’m always reminding myself that things could be worse but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be better either, does it?


6 thoughts on “Life lately (or, a bit of a moan)”

  1. You really can’t feel bad about your emotions because other people are worse off. No one ever tells people not to feel happy because other people are happier!

    Some people drift through life without even really knowing they’re unhappy, let alone know what it is that’s making them unhappy, so you’re in a good position to move forward for the best!

    Hope you get it sorted out – best wishes! / Read my latest post here!


  2. It’s perfectly okay to feel off. I had an off day recently. Nothing went right, everything felt weird, fit weird, tasted weird. But I got up the next day ready/hoping for something new. I guess what I’m saying is moan all you want one day, just keep moving forward. Find out what makes you happy. Experiment. :] // ▲ ▲


  3. Ah I see what you mean now. Yea it’s a pain when you’re just feeling in a lazy, sick, tired state of mind and after a while you just want to have energy again! I’ve been feeling like that since the wedding but I think it has a lot to do with the onset of winter too. I’m pretty sure humans are meant to hibernate and not doing so messes with our heads. That’s my excuse for wanting to sleep all the time anyway ;)


  4. I know exactly how you feel, B! I too feel guilty when I turn on the news, or hear about a friend of a friend who is going throw a truly terrible time. I’m glad your blogging again, you were certainly missed! Maybe I should wear sequins on the weekend, just because. ;)


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