when pins become reality

Easy DIY dinosaur jar lids

who’s guilty of pinning hundreds of craft ideas, recipes, & life hacks but not put any into practice? i was, so it makes me feel pretty smug that i’ve actually starting actioning some of my pins & i thought i’d share some that turned out well (nothing has been worthy of inclusion on a fail round-up, so far!):


jars with animal lids: we went for dinosaurs!

jars as make up brush holders: surely the world’s easiest ‘diy’

make your own bike streamers: these make me smile so much

floppy disk plant pot: ours is used as a pen holder

stamps out of erasers or from corks: perfect for scrapbooking & homemade cards

flower pressing: an oldie but a goodie


lemon & honey face mask: a saturday morning post-pancake ritual

how to paint your nails properly: once mastered, a real life-changer money-saver


jam tarts: who doesn’t love jack monroe?

irish soda farls: so good with butter & jam

spinach, avocado, goat cheese grilled cheese toasties: we add parma ham too

one pot pasta: perfect for the evenings when you just can’t be bothered


how to wear in new shoes, quickly: vital for life

rubber bands for stripped screws: handy for those who just don’t get flat-pack instructions

wardrobe dividers: mine say ‘coats’, ‘shirts’, ‘skirts’, etc. (did someone say anally retentive?)

organising bedding sets: hardly exciting, but useful all the same

how to pour from a carton: who knew we were doing this wrong?!


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DIY dinosaur jars


5 thoughts on “when pins become reality”

  1. No way. That carton thing has blown my mind.
    I’m pretty good at trying out recipes I’ve pinned and I’ve got rather adventurous over time making things I never thought I’d try in a million years (vegan lasagne anyone?) but I’m terrible at trying out crafty things


    1. try it, i swear it works! my life is changed! i’m really enjoying getting crafty or bake-y on these dark evenings but i confess the cooking is my weak point, luckily my fella gets the hint when i’m like “look at this recipe i pinned…” x


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