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Best-loved beauty: October 2014


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser was recommended by Glamour’s beauty director, who I tweeted asking for her favourite cleansing product; if someone who’s tried 1000s of products loves it then it must be good, right?

This was my first bottle and I stocked-up as soon as I started running low. It’s non-drying, can be used with/without water, and is very reasonably-priced (£8ish). I love it. Other classic problem-skin saviours that my dry winter skin is loving are E45 cream and St Ives Scrub.


I rave about Kérastase a lot! Another recently-discovered product is their Ciment Thermique Anti-Usure Repairing Anti-Breakage Treatment.

For years I’ve used those £5-ish tubs that smell great but don’t actually do anything other than coat your hair in silicone. It’s a revelation to use such a genuinely good intensive conditioner.

I sincerely hope my inability to find it online is just because Kérastase give everything basically-identical names rather than because it’s been discontinued…

Make up

I first picked up Kiko’s Skin Tone Corrector Primer while on holiday in Florence. It has a lovely silky texture and is super-illuminating, giving a pretty, natural glow but without the odd glittery effect you get from some radiance-enhancing products (it also means you can skip the highlighter if in a rush).

It makes me very happy that we now have Kiko Cosmetics in the UK now!

What beauty products were you loving in October?


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