Another (surprising) use for Vaseline

How to grow back your eyebrows using Vaseline

we all know vaseline is the most amazing, multi-purpose, budget-friendly beauty product of all-time. but did you know it can help grow back overplucked eyebrows? mmm hmm!

i was ridiculously tweezer-happy in my teens; photos of me circa the early-noughties are super-scary. for the past couple of years i’ve craved more of a cara delevigne look (obviously, along with the rest of womankind) but i didn’t get far in my re-growth journey ’til i heard that vaseline could spur it on.

it’s simple. you just pop it on your ‘brows every night before you go to bed. i started seeing results within a couple of weeks & you can buy vaseline for less than the price of a hot chocolate to-go (there are some pretty tins out at the mo’ too!). what’s not to love?


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