Essential Autumn clothes

Creating a capsule wardrobe (and a spending ban update)

Pareto Principle: 80/20

Guilty of huffing about having “nothing” to wear? Tired of wearing the same old things the same old way? According to the Pareto Principle we wear 20% of our things 80% of the time. Now you think about it, it sounds familiar—right?

This year I made a decision to quit mindless shopping and set a goal of obtaining one of those perfect ‘capsule wardrobes’ we hear so much about.

Declutter 2.0

Like spring, autumn is a great time for a life re-jig. So I recently emptied my whole wardrobe, tried everything on and tidied the keepers away again. The non-keepers were sold on eBay (and I used some of the money for ‘proper’ hangers).

Update: check out my tips on how to declutter effectively.

Sensible shopping

I’m still watching my spending.

99% of my shopping is done online and I’m careful to keep only what I love. I buy fewer, better-quality items and, besides simply deciding whether I like something or not, I think about whether it can be worn with things I already own—if not, back it goes.

Have your shopping habits evolved?

ItemsASOS hat | vintage M&S skirt (charity shop) | NW3 denim skirt (eBay) | Petit Bateau top via UO | Boden wool jumper | Levi’s jeans via ASOS

Essential Autumn clothes


20 thoughts on “Creating a capsule wardrobe (and a spending ban update)”

  1. Yeah what is it about Autumn being this weird ‘spring cleaning’ of your wardrobe?! I’m just like you, tonnes of my shopping is done online which is so dangerous considering how ‘easy’ it is to spend the money…! Love the look of the Boden jumper, lovely colour.

    Lucy xxx


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