bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color (Courage), Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm (Hibiscus)

Best-loved beauty: September 2014

Considering I don’t consider myself a beauty pro—compared to the many #bbloggers—I’ve found myself enjoying talking about it, hence a new series about products I’m currently liking: best-loved beauty.

Make up

As the temperature drops I’m keeping chapped lips at bay with a trusty Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm* (my favourite shade is Rose) and also enjoying bareMinerals’ Pretty Amazing Lip Colour* in Courage; it’s the perfect “my lips but better”, or #mlbb as the cool kids call it, and I love the non-drying texture of these not-quite-lipsticks-not-quite-lipglosses.

Emu Eye Cream, label.m Sea Salt Spray, bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color, Burt's Bees Lip Balm


Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream. I’ve used anti-aging eye products for about 10 years (prevention is better than cure) and while I haven’t yet noticed fine lines I do have stubborn dark circles that no amount of sleep shifts.

This cheap little pot has been part of my daily skincare regime for 6 months and I’m shocked that it’s somehow managed to noticeably fade the dreaded dark circles.


I’m a huge salt spray fan, even more so now I’ve cut down on heat-styling, and while I wasn’t blown away by label.m sea salt spray* initially I was actually just used to another brand; with label.m’s product, more is more.

It makes my barnet so big that when I was recently out to dinner with friends one joked that we could steal things from the restaurant by hiding it in my hair.

label.m Sea Salt Spray, Emu Moisturising Eye Cream


7 thoughts on “Best-loved beauty: September 2014”

    1. At first I didn’t like it but I’d been using another brand that didn’t need you to use quite as much product – you need to spray a lot of this but then it works great! I still think my previous salt spray smelt better, though.


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