On the Pont de la Concorde, Paris

Turning 29 in Paris

Ahhh Paris! Films, books, the internet—all are guilty of giving us expectations of places we’ve never been, but Paris really is everything you hope for and I’d move there in a moment if my French extended to any level beyond basic.

For my recent birthday my fella treated me to 4 days in the City of Light. While this was actually my 3rd visit, until last weekend I’d only ever been on day trips so it was wonderful to get to know the world’s most beautiful city that bit better. As they say: Paris is always a good idea.

We spent my actual birthday exploring most of central Paris, including having a late breakfast at Angelina (their hot chocolate is world-famous for a reason and oh my that millefeuille…) and enjoying the views from the Eiffel Tower.

We rounded off a perfect day with cocktails and the most amazing burgers at Bespoke, complete with a huge fountain candle. Don’t let anyone tell you service in Paris sucks!

Paris, je t’aime! Je vais revenir.

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9 thoughts on “Turning 29 in Paris”

  1. Happy belated birthday! Lovely snaps, you look so happy. I’d quite like to spend my 29th in Paris, maybe I should hint to my beau…I have a feeling the last time we went together I was 19 ha! <3


  2. happy belated birthday! what a sweet sweet present :)
    i have been to paris a fair few times being from brussels which is a stone away from the city of light but i want to go back as i feel i would see it with a different set of eyes now that i’ve been living on the british isles for a while. Paris is always romanticised here (which is not always the case in brussels) i feel i may have caught the paris bug… also i need to see versailles <3


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