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Some new beauty buys

When it comes to beauty, I’m not the most knowledgeable. Besides my beloved Denevit (the best teeth-whitening toothpaste), I’ve always bought whatever was on offer when it was needed. Recently though I’ve been splurging on some ‘proper’ products. I’m currently celebrating my 29th birthday (in Paris!) (how did that happen?) and it’s time to start looking after – and treating – myself!

With overly-sensitive skin one thing I can’t justify the expense of is a Clarisonic but at under eight quid the Konjac Sponge was worth a go. While my skin still isn’t 100% blemish-free I could literally feel how much cleaner it was from the first use. After some trial and error establishing a frequency that works, I now use this in the evening every two days. I’ll be buying another when it needs replacing in a couple of months.

As autumn approaches I’ve had my annual cutting-back-in of my bangs (no doubt I’ll grow them out just in time to have them cut back in next September) and having had a huge declutter this year I realised I was in need of a new fringe-friendly round brush. You know I love moroccanoil and their ceramic barrel brush was (rightly) highly-rated.

Generally, when people rave about something I wait to see if the dust settles rather than rushing out to buy mid-hype. This was the case with the much talked-about Real Techniques Core Collection Kit and Stippling Brush. While I love the concealer, contour and stippling brushes, I have to say I find the foundation brush too small (though I’m getting used to it).

What have you been buying lately? Any recommendations to share?


4 thoughts on “Some new beauty buys”

  1. I LOVE RT brushes. They’re so amazing. Konjac sponge I am yet to try (but on the list) and I’ll give a go to this toothpaste you mention too as I still didn’t find my holy grail of whitening (well, other than the dentist, that is)


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