Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Screwing the system in Sveti Stefan

I’ve always been a rule-follower but some rules are so silly they just invite you to break them. As my new philosophy goes: it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

We were really looking forward to exploring Sveti Stefan so it wasn’t pleasing to find that the postcard-perfect old town is now an exclusive resort (costing from 950€ per night) which is only accessible by residents via a heavily-guarded isthmus. (Help me, I’m poor.)

So we decided to hit the beach, only to find that privilege costs 35€ each. Off we went to Milocer, where their beach turned out to be 75€ each.

There was a sliver of sand not marked with an ‘commoners not welcome’ sign* so we screwed the system and enjoyed 10 minutes of beach action for free before we were politely asked to leave. Take that Sveti Stefan! We did later pay through the nose for a Piña Colada (me) and Mojito (him) but they were bloody good so we’ll call it even.

I should mention there’s a free pebble beach at Sveti Stefan but it’s not exactly comfortable for those of us who forgot to put our sofas in our suitcases, though it does offer excellent rock piling opportunities and even the odd fossil.

*Not the actual wording ;)

Sveti Stefan, MontenegroSveti Stefan, MontenegroSveti Stefan, MontenegroSveti Stefan, MontenegroRock piling, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro


4 thoughts on “Screwing the system in Sveti Stefan”

  1. What is really illegal is to pay for going to a beach, and now quoting Homer Simpson: ‘Your potato? you can’t, like, own a potato, man’ you can’t like own a beach, you know haha jokes aside, lovely photos and good for you for screwing the system :)


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