Kotor city walls, Montenegro

3 days in Kotor, Montenegro

Of all the places we visited in Montenegro, Kotor was a favourite. This real-life Disney set is a maze of well-preserved medieval buildings and twisting cobbled streets. So damn pretty.

It’s undeniably tiny but was still easy (and fun) to get lost in. More than once we congratulated ourselves on having explored every little nook just before finding another unfamiliar street. Comparisons were made to Labyrinth as we started to feel like the place was playing tricks on us – you remember the (best) scene with the worm?

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Kotor, MontenegroKotor marina, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro

Wearing: French Connection dress

Kotor, MontenegroMarket in Kotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor marina, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro

Wearing: Boden dress, Saltwater sandals, Grafea backpack

Kotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro Kotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroGalion Restauran, Kotor, MontenegroSunset over Kotor marina, Montenegro


10 thoughts on “3 days in Kotor, Montenegro”

    1. thank you, nora!

      to be honest i can’t really remember…i think we saw a photo of it somewhere (pinterest?) & narrowed it down from our other choices of sardinia or corsica. ryanair have just started flying direct to podgorica, the capital, so we thought it was a good time to go, before it potentially gets more ‘touristy’.

      sardinia & corsica are still on the list though. maybe next year… x

      p.s. your blog is stunning, i’m a new follower :)


    2. ooh i didn’t know about the ryanair route, i need to check if they have it from dublin too. i’ve never been to sardinia but corsica is like paradise on earth: turquoise sea & a lotta good cheese!

      ps: thank you so much <3


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