Past Caring, Islington, London

London vintage store: Past Caring, N1

I used to be a big IKEA advocate and while I’m still partial to the odd cheap-and-cheerful knick-knack my tastes are evolving as I get older (29 next month, eeeeeep!).

My weekends are now spent trawling vintage shops and antiques fairs. London is overrun with them but they are pretty hit and miss so I thought I’d share my recommendations as part of a new series, starting with what is hands-down our favourite secondhand store, Past Caring on Essex Road.

The prices are right, the staff are friendly and the items are just the right side of odd (and always in good condition). Do take a peek if you’re ever in Islington!

Past Caring, Islington, London


4 thoughts on “London vintage store: Past Caring, N1”

  1. I really want to get into the whole thrift shop thing, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful dresser for Xmas which was from a little shop just outside Bristol! I need to start exploring more. ;)


  2. Ooo, the furniture looks really amazing. I love thrift shopping for furniture but in Zurich it’s so expensive that I can never afford to get anything… which explains why my flat is totally decked out in Ikea! xx


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