Cadiz, Spain

One day in Cadiz, Spain

We’re off on holiday again soon so I thought I’d better get the last of my Spain photo diaries posted! These shots are from Cadiz, a little port city not too far from Africa, where we decided to day-trip to after our flight home from Seville was cancelled.

Cadiz is apparently the oldest settlement in Europe and though it looked more modern than I’d expected, it still had enough narrow cobbled streets and pretty plazas to keep this snapper happy. Plus, it’s home to the most beautiful turquoise sea I think I’ve ever seen and there was a delicious coastal breeze (though I may’ve had an unfortunate Marilyn moment or two).

Most interesting was the abandoned fort of San Sebastian; it definitely had a creepy-cool Dharma Initiative vibe (sadly sans Matthew Fox). Hasta luego España!

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