Things found inside library books

Some things I’ve found inside library books

Apparently, I have a habit of picking up library books that people have left things in. Not just the usual makeshift bookmarks like train tickets (though they’re interesting enough to a typeface/design nerd like myself), I mean odd things like airline boarding passes and random children’s late-80s/early-90s school photos (anyone recognise her?).

I’ve even obtained actual books: it seems people sometimes just slot ones they’re bored of into the shelves and the stumped librarians have let me keep them.

Have you ever made any weird discoveries like these? I’m thinking of starting a collection!


4 thoughts on “Some things I’ve found inside library books”

  1. oh that is so amusing you even found an old photo! I could very much be a “victim” of this where I may have left an old movie ticket or something I used as a bookmark. So funny. I love this post


  2. Those are fascinating little things – I’d definitely like to see what other odds and ends you’ve collected from old library books! Makes you wonder about the person who left those things in them and what their stories are…


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