An amazing day on the Norwegian Fjords

Ferry at Gudvangen, Nærøyfjord, Norway

one of the highlights of our recent visit to norway was a fjord tour. our day-long escapade involved taking a train from bergen to voss, a coach from voss to gudvangen, a ferry from gudvangen to flåm (down the nærøyfjord & aurlandsfjord), the flåm railway to myrdal (deserving of a post all its own, coming soon) & a final train back to bergen. it was a long but unforgettable experience. something to tick off the “must do before i die” list.

Nærøyfjord village, NorwayNærøyfjord, NorwayNærøyfjord, NorwayGudvangen, Nærøyfjord, NorwayNærøyfjord, NorwayNærøyfjord, NorwayNærøyfjord, Norway


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