Interesting converted house, London Fields

Getting lost in London

I recently touched on our weekend rituals, which include layering-up for a (currently surprisingly mild) wander. I have a policy of always taking alternative routes if they’re available: London is one of those cities that’s perfect for getting lost in, even in areas you think you know well.

As you can probably tell by the brightly-coloured leaves in these photos, this post sat (forgotten) in my drafts for a while but it documents our north-east exploration, an area we’ll imminently be getting to know well as it’s where our soon-to-be-home is.

The countdown to moving day is on!

Broadway Market, LondonAutumn in London Fields, LondonOld VW camper van, LondonOld Collins & Hayes building, Dalston, LondonPretty-red-leafGrafitti, Broadway Market, LondonTelephone lines & autumnal trees, LondonCrunching in autumn leaves, London FieldsOvergrown wall, London Fields


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