The multi-coloured buildings of Nyhavn harbour, Copenhagen

Hej, Copenhagen!

We’re currently organising a 12-day Norway and Sweden trip: we’ll be covering Tromso, Bergen, Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm (at least!), so we’ll be busy but it’s pretty exciting! Do you have any tips?! My main concern at the moment is finding a nice coat suitable for -5°C so if anyone has any recommendations on that too…!

Our impending trip got me thinking about our first holiday together—to Copenhagen last May. It’s a pretty little city with a lot of charm, decent beer and crazy-good cake.

We stayed at the AC Bella Sky Hotel (which was fabulous but further out of town than was ideal for a first-time visitor) and highlights included Christiania, the Botanical GardensStatens Museum for KunstLagkagehuset and Weekday (ok, the last two were my favourites).

It seems to have started a Scandinavian love affair and I’m not not pleased about it.

Bicycles in CopenhagenSandwich shop sign in CopenhagenBlue-toned houses in CopenhagenCanals of CopenhagenInside the Round Tower, CopenhagenVintage bicycle with an wine box basket, CopenhagenBella Sky Comwell hotel, CopenhagenEating candyfloss at Tivoli Gardens theme park, CopenhagenVintage yellow Cadillac at Copenhagen car showBotanical Garden, CopenhagenCakes at Lagkagehuset, CopenhagenChristiania, CopenhagenInside the Bella Sky Comwell hotel, Copenhagen


7 thoughts on “Hej, Copenhagen!”

  1. OMgosh, I’m so excited for you! I haven’t been to Scandinavia so I can’t offer any advice but I can’t wait to read all about it. Copenhagen looks beautiful, it’s definitely on my list of places to go. Yay for including a cheeky snap of you too! Your hair looks lovely. <3


  2. Never been to Copenhagen but I would absolutely love to go. Your photos make it look beautiful. I’ve been watching Borgen recently which has only fueled my desire to visit the city!

    Hope you enjoy your trip. It sounds like it’s going to be awesome!



  3. Gorgeous photos! I went to Copenhagen last year around October time and I loved it so much <3 I haven't had a chance to visit everything I wanted but it looks like you've managed to cover quite a lot already! xx


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