Old painted sign on Dalston High Street, London

Self-imposed spending ban

I’m forever threatening myself with spending bans.

When you’re on first-name terms with your office’s couriers and local Collect+ shop staff, you know your online shopping habit is serious – potentially even a bit OTT.

My man and I are moving in together soon (eep!) so I now have the added incentives of wanting a) more money and b) less stuff to pack. So I’ve not only restricting my outgoings for a whole month from payday (i.e. yesterday), I’m also flogging lots of newly-unearthed, long-forgotten purchases on eBay.

It actually feels pretty good.


9 thoughts on “Self-imposed spending ban”

  1. I REALLY need to go on a spending ban. Next month for sure! I’m also going to try and flog some stuff at the end of the month.

    P.S Yay for moving in together. ;) <3 x


  2. Ugh I do spending bans all the time and they never work. Especially for a month at a time! I usually find that if you work in the occasional cheat day, you’ll be more successful in the long haul – like maybe every other Sunday, you can buy one or two things!

    beck daily


  3. This is such a great thing to do. I’ve done it myself before (spending ban) and realized that I actually didn’t want for much at all. When you get out of the cycle of buying stuff all the time it feels really good. I sold probably half of my wardrobe before I moved countries a few years ago on eBay and I haven’t missed any of the pieces I got rid of!

    Make room for the new!



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