Pashley Little Black Bicycle 2013

A Saturday admiring street art in East London

My poor Pashley has been gathering dust over the past few weeks so the other Saturday we rode over to East London. Our main objective was the APC sample sale but the queue was no joke; instead we spent a couple of hours admiring and shooting graffiti.

Brick Lane in particular is an ever-changing canvas for some amazing street artists but my favourite paint jobs are usually the faded old promotions you can see on the sides of most buildings AKA the ‘ghost signs’.

Shoreditch street art, London123 sign | Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, LondonCubism graffiti, Shoreditch, LondonPaper-based street art, ShoreditchBart Simpson street art, Shoreditch, LondonBrick Lane Coffee sign, London"Hug More" street art, Shoreditch, LondonColourful door | Type sign, Shoreditch, LondonDoorbell sign, Shoreditch


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