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Classic British Rock Buns recipe

i’ve never actually eaten a rock bun (aka rock cake) before so i can’t really tell you how these came out. all i know is that they smelled divine while they were baking, tasted so good i ate 3 fresh out of the oven, & they’re super-easy to concoct with things you likely already having knocking about in your kitchen. you can find the recipe in leon: naturally fast food (also check out the thai green curry – we make it at least once a month!). happy weekend people!

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Traditional British Rock Cakes recipe

3 thoughts on less-regular hair washing

3 benefits of washing hair less regularly

we know we shouldn’t wash our hair too often but that doesn’t always mean we pay attention to the advice. i used to wash mine daily (the mere thought of an alternative grossed me out) but around christmas 2013 i decided to try gradually going for longer between washes & i soon found myself with a new routine that i’ve stuck to ever since: now i lather up every 3-4 days. let’s talk about the benefits of less-regular washing!

You’ll Save money on haircare products

i started taking much better care of my locks over the past year & have admittedly become a bit of a product snob, mostly worshiping at the altar of kérastase;  when you spend 15 quid on a bottle you want it to go a long way so less regular washing suits me fine & i find that i need less of these quality products anyway. styling-wise i use moroccanoil every time i wash my hair, kerastase resistance ciment thermique every 3 washes or so, & occasionally throw in some classic vo5 mousse for volume.

do you know how much time you spend washing & styling your hair?!

i still shower every day, let’s make that clear. i only have mid-length hair & am pretty low maintenance (i talked last summer about quitting hair straightening) so my cleaning & styling routine is probably quicker than that of the ‘average’ woman, but it still adds 20-ish minutes to my morning on ‘wash days’ & in my opinion that time is better spent in bed. i do have a fringe which needs daily blow-drying but (as i’ve got used to my new ‘do) the rest of my head basically gets a once-over with my tangle teezer & that’s that. thank you kate moss for making imperfect hair acceptable.

You’ll have a healthier head

why do the experts say washing too often is bad? (most) products strip your hair & scalp of natural oils. no one likes a greasy mop but these oils are good for the health of your head & constantly washing them away is counter-productive as your body will just work hard to reproduce them. of course not washing enough leads to other potential health problems (if i go too long my head starts getting itchy, as i discovered when i was trying to find my new regularity pattern).

of course this is just my experience of switching to a lazy girls’ routine – it’s all about finding what works for you! how often do you wash your locks? are any of you co-washers? i’m intrigued to know if that works for caucasian hair too so let me know if you’ve any tips!

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interior inspiration | affordable wall art

Awesome & affordable Etsy wall art inspiration!

whether you rent or own wall art is the quickest way to add some personality to your place! we’ve just spent the weekend painting our living room a warmer white (despite my boyfriend’s assertions there are different shades) so i’m on the hunt for some fun details to pop up on the walls.

i love ikea’s prints, don’t get me wrong, but personally i want something a little bit different. besides all of the gorgeous etsy items i’ve picked out here, here are some other suggestions for ways to customise your space on the cheap:

  • frame your own photos (of course! i tend to use truprint)
  • use pretty gift wrap as ‘prints’ (a few years ago i bought a vintage-style tube map for £5 & i recently saw an identical poster for £65!)
  • recycle pretty wallpaper samples (like i did here)

p.s. if you’re new to etsy, you can follow this link to get £5 of your first purchase (& i’d get £5 for referring you, so we both win!). have you found any amazing etsy print shops? please do share!

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