30 thoughts on turning 30

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll turn 31. I don’t know how this has happened, just like I don’t know where my 20s went. It is truly terrifying how quickly life is going by!

Here are some life lessons I’ve learned since hitting my milestone birthday last year:

  1. The older you get, the better you get at saying no. You know your own mind and have the confidence to say what you think without coming across as rude (unless you choose to be slightly sassy, of course). It’s great.
  2. What they say about your metabolism is true. You’ll have to choose between a) eating what you’ve always eaten and putting on weight, or b) cutting back on the good stuff (and by that I mean the bad stuff) in order to maintain your existing weight. You can basically say goodbye to losing weight without serious lifestyle changes.*
  3. You love buying homewares and you don’t even care.
  4. You’ve seen those articles telling you you’re too old for, well, fashion, and you’ve worn dungarees anyway because FU.
  5. Thank god cute flats are now a thing because you can basically only be arsed to wear heels at weddings.
  6. OMG so many weddings. You can’t log onto Facebook without seeing another engagement announcement.
  7. Hangovers are the f*cking worst, especially after years spent bragging that you “don’t get them”.
  8. You still love boybands and you feel no shame.
  9. The nostalgia is strong. You re-watch childhood favourite films – and often realise they’re absolutely awful. Games on the other hand
  10. You realise you remember trends from the first time around. The 90s? Been there, done that, loved that shizz, more than happy to do it again.
  11. Instead of Googling “how to recreate X’s make up look”, you find yourself Googling “how to hang art properly”.
  12. It makes you so happy when you’re out-out and they play ‘retro’ tunes i.e. music from the mid-2000s. Miss you, Ja.
  13. You’re jealous of anyone aged 16-25. Those were the best years, even if you’ve got more money now.
  14. Spots are still a thing.
  15. Trips to the doctor aren’t just for contraception top-ups. Boo you cholesterol.
  16. You’re surprised when someone refers to your age because you genuinely feel like you’re still 22 (even if your younger siblings have also passed that birthday).
  17. You hardly ever get asked for ID when buying alcohol anymore, which is something you never thought would make you sad.
  18. Hardly anything excites you as much as a trip to IKEA (and you’re always thinking up excuses to go).
  19. You’ve no time for time-wasters. You know who your friends are and you really can’t be arsed with other people’s BS. #IAintSorry.
  20. You’ll have a career confidence crisis at least once a week, worrying you’re on totally the wrong path (even if you’re doing something you enjoy) or that everyone knows you’re just winging it.
  21. You know how to dress for your body shape, but you don’t care if something is ‘unflattering’ because you’re confident enough to rock it anyway (my most-complimented item is a sack of a denim dress that I, and apparently other women, love).
  22. You consider it a wild night if you go to bed after midnight.
  23. Celebrities are all of a sudden really young. (How do some people accomplish so much by 25?)
  24. You’re so over Primark.
  25. You terrify yourself with realisations like: “I’m old enough to have a child who could be starting secondary/high school this September.”
  26. You’re able to keep plants alive – and not just cacti or succulents.
  27. Some of your lipsticks are over a decade old.
  28. You’re glad you took the advice of using anti-aging products from the age of 21.
  29. Even if you like your natural hair colour, you have to start dying it to cover the greys.
  30. You might not’ve achieved all your life goals (yet), but you cut yourself some slack and realise you’re not a total failure.

*This stunning gingham off-the-shoulder midi was supposed to be my birthday dress, but it’s looking like I’m going to have to slim into it for another occasion instead… 😳

Warehouse off-the-shoulder gingham dress

A five-year London-versary

“Nothing is certain in London but expense.”

Yesterday marked five years since I moved back to London from Manchester. Despite the fact that William Shenstone’s above quote is definitely true, I love this city. Because she’s worth it.

I planned on celebrating my half-decade milestone by doing some of my favourite London things, but after a crazy month (hence my radio silence here and on Twitter and Instagram) I barely had it in me to go to the fancy chateaubriand and prosecco dinner I’d booked at Smith and Wollensky (for a non-luxurious price, hello Travelzoo deal).

I’m (slowly) putting together a ‘London tips from a Londoner’-type guide so keep your eyes peeled for that and have a great weekend whatever you’re up to!

My favourite nude nail polishes

Confession: until a couple of years ago I was a lifelong nail biter. Now I’ve managed to quit that (horrible) habit, I’m buying nail polish like never before – and as I’ve always liked a pedi I was buying a lot anyway! It’s easily justified: nail products don’t break the bank and a neat and colourful nail makes you feel good about yourself.

On the other hand (LOL), nude nails can be tricky: I find many too orange for my blue-toned skin but they’re a) very SS16 and b) beautifully chic, making you look perfectly polished (can’t stop with the puns, #sorrynotsorry). So I’ve put in some research and IMO these shades are the best nudes for pale peeps:

OPI Nail Laquer in At First Sight

Pretty after a couple of sheer-ish coats, but this also builds to a thick creamy pink if you’ve got the time to layer it up. I love OPI polishes: the brush is thick but not clumsy (i.e. application is speedy) and the formula is long-lasting and chip-resistant even without a top coat.

Essie Polish in Muchi Muchi

This shade is so pale it’s almost a warm white. Essie also blessed us with cult favourite Ballet Slippers too – I haven’t tried that yet as it’s very similar to the above, but I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to buy it sooner or later.

Nails Inc. Varnish in Elizabeth St.

As you might be able to tell by the fact this is in the ‘old’ style Nails Inc. bottle, I’ve had this for a while. It’s a nice day-to-day polish that just makes you look ‘done’.

The best nude nail polishes

Property porn, pt. 2

A Cornish riverside cabin

We’re going to Cornwall next month and, as I’ve got some credit burning a hole in my pocket, I was looking at some options on Airbnb* when I came across this amazing riverside cottage. I had no idea such things existed in the UK!

There’s something about cabins that makes me want to sell all of my stuff, give up getting my hair cut and move to the woods with 17 dogs. Couldn’t you just live here forever?!

*Get £20 off your stay if you’re a new Airbnb-er!

Rent this Cornish riverside cabinA Cornish riverside cabin holiday letRustic kitchen inside a wooden riverside cabin in CornwallCampfire outside a Cornish riverside cabin