Video time capsules

Do you ever give up a hobby only to find yourself drawn to it again years later? Well, my friends and I were ‘vloggers’ before YouTube was a thing – I have some old tapes that I’m genuinely scared to import into iMovie – and I actually spent most of my life playing with video cameras*, even studying Media Production at university.

I recently started to miss filming just stuff so, inspired by Xanthe Berkeley, here’s my first video time capsule. I keep forgetting to film so I’m not off to the best start but I’m keen to polish off some rusty skills and record some of life’s little things. Have a happy weekend! :)

Becky x

*yep, actual video cameras, not a phone.

Time capsule

A day trip to Saltaire, Yorkshire

Exploring Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site in West Yorkshire, England

We just got back from a weekend in the north. I always forget how much colder it is up there! This time we were blessed with rain and snow and we were both already full of a cold – but we didn’t let that ruin our plan to tick off another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saltaire in West Yorkshire, with my Mum and Dad along for the ride.

Salt's Mill, Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Yorkshire, EnglandInside the Salt's Mill book shop, Saltaire, YorkshireSalt's Diner at Salt's Mill, Saltaire, YorkshireOriginal fire safety equipment at Salt's Mill, Saltaire, YorkshireSalt's Mill, Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, West YorkshireSlate roof tiles at Salt's Mill, Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Yorkshire, North EnglandWorn stone steps at Salt's Mill, Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yorkshire, UK

I cannot emphasise how cold it was when we arrived so first stop was the café inside Salt’s Mill, Salt’s Diner (named for Sir Titus Salt, the founder of Saltaire). After a warming round of hot drinks and a quick browse of the amazingly-tempting bookshop, we wrapped up again and headed out on the heritage trail.

You can get a trail guide and map from the gift shop (where I picked up a little pot of local lanolin for my poor cold-chapped nose), but it’s just a walk around the historic village and we essentially made up our own version after getting distracted by all the gorgeous cobbled side streets.

Salt's Mill, Saltaire, YorkshireSaltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, West YorkshireSaltaire Heritage Trail, West Yorkshire, UKVictorian houses in Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Yorkshire, EnglandCobbled streets on the heritage trail in Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bradford, Northern England

Saltaire was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 2001: it’s a perfectly-preserved industrial Victorian model village, built between 1851-76. Titus Salt chose his textile mill’s site because it was well-connected and the surrounding village was built with the workers’ health in mind: Bradford was busy and unhealthy but in Saltaire allotments were provided so employees could grow their own food and even the direction of the wind was considered, with houses located away from the smoke blowing out of the mill.

The height of the houses in relation to the width of the cobbled roads allows for maximum daylight, and the streets are named after Salt’s children and the town’s architects. If it all sounds too idyllic consider the fact the town was tee-total before wishing you’d lived here (of course, booze is allowed now and we did have a cheeky peek in the window of an estate agent – which was pleasantly surprising)!

Curb appeal! A Victorian terraced house in Saltaire, YorkshirePea green vintage VW Camper Van, Saltaire, YorkshireJeanette's Cakery, Saltaire, Yorkshire, EnglandRaspberry Ripple Cupcake at Jeanette's Cakery, Saltaire, Yorkshire, UKSnow-covered hills in Saltaire, Yorkshire, UK

We timed our next pit-stop perfectly, watching the snow come down as we enjoyed toasted sandwiches, soup, hot drinks and cakes at Jeanette’s Cakery, a little retro-themed find fully deserving of it’s TripAdvisor certificate of excellence.

After winding our way back to Salt’s Mill we admired the beautiful designer homewares shop (so much delicious Eames…) and some work by a local artist you may’ve heard of called David Hockney(!), who is currently exhibiting ‘paintings’ he created on an iPad. The mill only closed in the 1980s but has been so well cared-for and its huge windows and original features mean it hasn’t lost its character. Saltaire, you’re reet champion.

Becky x

Walking the heritage trail in Saltaire, Yorkshire, EnglandPeeping pug, Saltaire, West YorkshireThe Saltaire Vintage Shop, Yorkshire, EnglandRAD STUDIO, Saltaire, Yorkshire, EnglandSir Titus's Hospital in Saltaire, Yorkshire, UK

The happy list no. 2

St Pancras station, London, England

I started this blog to document the things that make me smile so while life isn’t all fry-ups and flower markets I’m trying to be done with negativity. I feel better since last weekend’s little rant and enjoyed reading your comments so thank you! Now, let’s get happy!!

  1. I’ve been loving the gym this month. December definitely caught up with my waistline but I keep smashing my personal bests and I’ve already lost a couple of inches so I’m feeling good! (Besides this week’s wisdom tooth problems…)
  2. We have bathroom shelves! When we renovated our bathroom the contractors put up brackets but we were holding out for the perfect wood, which I know is weird but there you go – I’m obsessive. It hasn’t looked great but it was worth it because we found this gorgeous French oak!
  3. I’m now planning our kitchen makeover, which is super stressful (did you know you buy every single thing separately, right down to hinges?! I’m so worried about forgetting something!) but I’m excited to see my plans coming together. Another plus is that we’re trying to use up things in the cupboards, which means lots of baking.
  4. Watch this kitten get it’s first massage from it’s foster family and die of cute overload.
  5. While we’re on the subject of critters, my new favourite Instagram account is the adorable Link the French Bulldog puppy.
  6. Staying with animals for one more point, I’ve made lots of feline friends recently.
  7. I read Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest and learned so much. It’s amazing. I’m really into a reading phase right now. The silver lining of sickness!
  8. We’re visiting my family soon and I’m looking forward to catching up and hopefully getting to know a new part of the north. Continuing my UK exploration!
  9. It’s also less than a month until we go back to Paris, yaaaaaaaay!
  10. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bowie. It such a shock to realise he was a mortal man. RIP, Goblin King, and thank you for the music – you really are a legend.

What’s put a smile on your face this week? I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend! :)

Becky x

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