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London Underground

I’ve been so uninspired lately & while I feel like my mojo is now creeping back (in part due to a blog redesign, what do you think?) even after writing that first sentence I hit a wall. It’s been frustrating.

Work has been awful this year & it undoubtedly impacted on my mental state BUT today was my last day! I’m now on holiday, with a trip to Manchester for a friend’s 30th this weekend, before starting my new job next week; it feels like it’s right for me & I can’t wait to get stuck in.

I’ve been busy seeing friends & planning our trip to Italy & pottering around the new flat, speaking of which a few of you have asked for a tour so I’m putting that together. Promise you’ll think of it as a before/during rather than a before/after, ‘k? We are making progress but we’ve a way to go!

Classic car, London

I’ve been unsatisfied with some recent posts & now regret publishing things that I wasn’t happy with so I apologise if you’ve also found things lacklustre around here. I’d like to get into outfit blogging again, alongside the lifestyle stuff I enjoy, but I’m pretty unhappy with my current appearance & M, who (of course) would be taking the photos, doesn’t get blogging whatsoever, never mind fashion blogging. I do accept his point that it’s is odd (when you think about it) but hey, it can be fun!

Anyway, that’s more than enough from me! What’ve you been up to? I feel better just for having let all of that out so for those of you who made it all the way to the end, here’s a treat.

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London, red phone box

easy 4-step home facial

4-step at-home facial

one of my favourite indulgences is a diy facial & this routine takes less than 5 minutes so it’s perfect for de-stressing post-work. i do it as soon as i’m through the door, so that my skin has maximum make-up-free time, & a nice additional step is to light a scented candle & relax with a dvd or book while step 4, your treatment, gets to work. (note: this is based on what works for me & my skin type – play around to find your own perfect combo!)

1 :: exfoliate

it’s a such classic that i’ve never even tried another exfoliator: st ives apricot scrub. it does the job but i was starting to suspect it’s a bit harsh for my sensitive skin so i just got a face brush. it’s taking some getting used to but i’ve only tried it twice, i’ll let you know how i get on if anyone is interested?

2 :: cleanse

i have dry skin so i follow-up with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, to gently rinse away the scrub while ensuring that my skin isn’t totally stripped of moisture. either lather up & wash off or apply to dry skin & delicately wipe off with a face cloth.

3 :: tone

i’ve enjoyed using simple soothing toner for a long time but my skin is increasingly dry & dull so i’m not sure it’s still working for my nearly-30-year-old skin. i’ve bought the body shop’s vitamin e toner to try next, as i’m obsessed with the serum. tip: don’t skip toning completely, even if your skin is dry – you just need to find the right product for you!

4 :: treat

i love this product so much i’ve already dedicated a post to it so i won’t go into too much detail, just trust that kiehl’s midnight recovery oil is worth every penny (& you only need 3 drops so a bottle will last a while – after 2 years i’ve only used 1/4 of mine). don’t forget some almond oil under your eyes!

what does your diy facial look like? can you recommend any products? i just starting trialling a new day-to-day, all-natural range so i’ll be back with my thoughts on that soon!

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this week’s wishlist

A SS15 wishlist!

we’re about to have our bathroom renovated so i’ve spent a unreasonable amount of time looking at taps this week; you wouldn’t believe how many exist & how subtle the differences are. anyhoo i’ve been in need of my more usual type of shopping so here are some pretty things i’ve found. all my pennies are going on the aforementioned new bathroom so please live vicariously & shop on my behalf. happy weekend!

striped skirt | wes anderson book | ‘honey’ fragrance | low top converse | mickey mouse watch | burt’s bees balm | sleeveless shirt | tortoise box | rimmel provocalips (review here!) | denim culottes | unicorn tears bag |

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