8 books to read this spring

Books to read this spring

all being well we’re currently settling into our new home (eee!) the negative of which being that we’re internet-less until tomorrow, so i scheduled this post as it’s about time i shared my/asked for your book suggestions for the new season anyway.

like most people i go through real phases with reading. lately i’ve been in the mood to devour books (which is unfortunate because we’ve been busy prepping for the big move) & below you can find some that i’ve read & enjoyed since the start of 2015, or that i plan to get to in the next few weeks. if you have any recommendations please do leave a comment!

1. “notes from a small island” by bill bryson

2. “a tree grows in brooklyn” by betty smith

3. “have i said too much?: my life in & out of the model agency” by carole white

4. “the wes anderson collection” by matt zoller seitz

5. “born free” by joy adamson

6. “the shining” by stephen king

7. “watership down” by richard adams

8. “the men who stare at goats” by jon ronson

(see more on my ‘to read’ list!)

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a rather exciting life update!!

Typical London door & latch

as of today m & i are officially homeowners & we couldn’t be happier!!!

as a long-term renter i’ve moved house pretty much every year since i went to university in 2004. after so much time spent lugging boxes, making do with crappy furniture, being ripped off by managing agents, & tolerating noisy housemates with weird habits, i can now finally choose my own bed & hang things on my walls & maybe even get a little pet! (we’re thinking a hedgehog, watch this space.)

i can’t say the home-buying process has been as stress-free or exciting as we’d hoped but that’s potentially a story for another time – today we’ve been all about celebrating (that & scrubbing our old flat from top to bottom…)! we’ve got a few little bits left to pack before the removal van arrives tomorrow so i’ll see you on the other side! eek!

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48 hours in genoa

Genoa, Italy architecture

so we finally reach the end of our time-travelling italian adventure! over the course of 10 days m & i visited 11 different towns (pisa, florence, fiesole, riomaggiore, manarola, vernazza, corniglia, monterosso, levanto, camogli & genoa). it was pretty exhausting but totally amazing & i feel so lucky that we were able to see so much of this incredible country. m had never been to italy before but we both well & truly have the bug. we’ve been talking about going back this year…

Genoa Baptist Church, Italy"Anti hipster zone", Genoa, ItalyGenoa Old Town, ItalyGenoa, Italy#fromwhereistand, Genoa, ItalyPalazzo garden, Genoa, ItalyGraffiti in Genoa, ItalyBuying wine at the mercato, Genoa, ItalyGenoa harbour, Italy

i myself had never been to italy’s north-west corner & while genoa is in some ways similar to my more familiar tuscan cities it really has its own vibe. in both appearance & atmosphere, genoa is fairly rough around the edges. it is sprawling, gritty, urban, edgy. or maybe it only felt like that after the tiny, multi-coloured prettiness of the cinque terre. (side note: i miss my legs being so tanned.)

Inside the Grand Hotel Savoia, Genoa, ItalyThe bar of the Grand Hotel Savoia, Genoa, ItalyView from the roof of the Grand Hotel Savoia, Genoa, Italy

Where to stay in Genoa

to end our trip on a high, we treated ourselves to a stay at the grand hotel savoia. i’d like to say we enjoyed the rooftop terrace for the views but, honestly, we were there for the hot tub & cocktails (ok, the views were ok too). for a 5* hotel the prices are really reasonable & overall we’d recommend it.

Gran Ristoro sandwich shop, Genoa, ItalyGran Ristoro panino shop, Genoa, ItalyGelato in Genoa, Italy

Β Where to eat in Genoa

the upside of being in a bigger, but less-tourity place is that we found things like eating out were generally cheaper. our tips are gran ristoro for panino & profumo di rosa for gelato (we also found a fantastic ‘braceria’ on the harbour but it appears to have closed down, devastatingly).

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