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photo diary | one day in cadiz

Cadiz, Spain

we’re off on holiday again soon (i know) so i thought i’d better get the last of my spain photo diaries posted! these shots are from cadiz, a little port city not too far from africa, where we decided to day-trip to after our flight home from seville was cancelled.

cadiz is apparently the oldest settlement in europe & though it looked more modern than i’d expected it still had enough narrow cobbled streets & pretty plazas to keep this snapper happy. plus, it’s home to the most beautiful turquoise sea i think i’ve ever seen & there was a delicious coastal breeze (though i may’ve had an unfortunate marilyn moment or 2).

most interesting was the abandoned fort of san sebastian; it definitely had a creepy-cool “lost” dharma initiative vibe (sadly sans matthew fox). hasta luego españa!

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Cadiz train ticketsCadiz, SpainCadiz cathedral, SpainCadiz, SpainCadiz, SpainIsland fort, Cadiz, SpainIsland fort, Cadiz, SpainSan Sebastian, Cadiz, SpainCadiz, SpainCadiz, Spain


my haircare heroes (& giving up a bad hair habit)

Best haircare products: Moroccanoil, Kerastase Ciment Thermique & Tangle Teezer

i recently had my hair cut into a mid-length ‘do. while the fact it’s all-that right now was a contributing factor, the condition of hair has been going downhill & a good old chop seemed like a smart move. my stylist confirmed the reason for my dry locks & increasing (eep!) hair loss: my beloved straighteners. apparently, 10+ years of daily ghd-ing is not good. who knew? i instantly vowed to cut down & guess what? i’ve almost totally quit!

also on my stylist’s advice, i took home kerastase ciment thermique heat-activated reconstructor milk. i rarely buy products at the salon (of course they try to up-sell, duh) but i love kerastase’s purifying shampoo; i use it monthly & almost every time someone tells me my hair looks shiny! well this heat-protection cream is equally awesome. i can already feel the difference plus it smells divine & i’m a sucker for that.

of course i still often use the-best-hair-product-of-all-time-ever, moroccanoil, & i’ve switched to a tangle teezer but the jury is still out on whether it’s worth a tenner. i’m thinking a good leave-in conditioner should be next on my list. do you have any recommendations on how i can obtain a thick, shiny bouffant à la zooey deschanel?

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climbing an 816-year-old bell tower

The view from the Giralda, Seville, Spain

our little spanish holiday seems a long time ago now so the temperatures we’ve had in london this week have been most appreciated! there really is nowhere like london in the sunshine. anyway, back to seville & to one of the highlights of our trip, the giralda dominates the skyline at 104.1m & you can climb to the top via a series of ramps (apparently wide enough for 2 mounted guards to pass though it seems a tighter & tighter squeeze as you get higher up!). originally serving as a minaret, from where a muezzin would call the faithful to prayer, it was converted to a church following the christian conquest of the city in 1248. the view is spectacular, of course, & includes other seville landmarks such as the alcazar (royal palace) & plaza de toros (bullring). if you’re lucky you may also spot birds of prey hovering around the rooftops of the neighbouring cathedral.

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Giralda, Seville, SpainThe view from the Giralda, Seville, SpainThe view from the Giralda, Seville, SpainThe view from the Giralda, Seville, SpainThe view from the Giralda, Seville, SpainThe view from the Giralda, Seville, SpainThe view from the Giralda, Seville, Spain


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