booming budva town

Budva old town, Montenegro

some good memories from budva: eating 1kg of mussels (all by myself), the prettiest little old town, walking along more city walls, reading poolside in the sunshine, stunning blue seas, debuting my long-coveted-finally-found-on-ebay leah reena goren for anthropologie dress, pretty tasty gelato, coming to the point of acceptance about the fact it was just too bloody hot to wear my hair down.

some less good: non-stop excessively-loud europop, starting to get more than a bit sick of mosquitoes, a hotel with the worst service ever, busy busy busy everywhere.

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Budva, MontenegroBudva beach, MontenegroEating gelato in Budva, MontenegroBudva old town, MontenegroBudva old town, MontenegroWalking on Budva old town city walls, MontenegroBudva old town, MontenegroBudva old town, MontenegroBudva old town, MontenegroBudva beach, MontenegroOn Budva beach, MontenegroBudva old town, Montenegro

day-tripping to herceg novi & perast

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

this bank holiday monday has been an utter washout so i thought it was time to publish the next post in my little montenegro series & daydream about sunnier times. not content with having booked 7 stops on our trip round the country, we slotted in a few day trips too. first was herceg novi with a little perast pit-stop on the way back to kotor.

herceg novi

we caught a bus from kotor’s ‘stanica’ & the ride took around an hour (praise air con). herceg novi turned out to be a funny little place, with a pretty old town & a seafront that had quite a tacky, old-fashioned vibe going on…in sort-of a good way. while we were there we paid a very reasonable 1€ to explore the kanli kula fort & enjoy the views over the harbour. the fort is transformed into an outdoor cinema every august – wish we’d known about that in advance!

On Kanli Kula, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

wearing: boden dress, rayban wayfarers

Herceg Novi film festival, MontenegroHerceg Novi, MontenegroHerceg Novi, Montenegroperast

perast looked so gorgeous when we drove through it earlier in the day that we had to hop off the bus on the return journey. it’s a tiny little town (we walked from one end to the other in about 15 minutes, including lots of stopping to take photos) so while i wouldn’t recommend basing yourself here it’s well worth a wander if you’re passing through the area.

Perast, MontenegroPerast, MontenegroPerast, MontenegroPerast, Montenegro

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3 days in kotor, montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

out of all the places we visited in montenegro, kotor was our favourite. this real-life disney set is a maze of well-preserved medieval buildings & twisting cobbled streets. it’s undeniably tiny but was still easy (& fun) to get lost in. more than once, we congratulated ourselves on having explored every little nook just before finding another unfamiliar street. comparisons were made to labyrinth as we started to feel like the place was playing tricks on us – you remember the scene with the worm?

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p.s. take a peek at my previous post, all about climbing kotor’s city walls!

p.p.s. happy bank holiday weekend, uk-ers! i’m having a rocking saturday night with an indian takeaway & new girl on catch-up ;)

Kotor marina, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro

wearing: french connection dress

Kotor, MontenegroMarket in Kotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor marina, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro

wearing: boden dress, saltwater sandals, grafea backpack

Kotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroKotor, Montenegro Kotor, MontenegroKotor, MontenegroGalion Restauran, Kotor, MontenegroSunset over Kotor marina, Montenegro