a few hours on the lustica peninsula, montenegro

Bijelila, Lustica Peninsula, Montenegro

i can’t believe i’m going back to work tomorrow! the smugness of activating my out of office message is looong gone. so, i’m going to pretend i’m still in montenegro for a little while :)

we started our trip on the lustica peninsula, based in the fishing village of bjelila (not to be confused with bijela just across the bay). we’d heard you could hike down the coast but after a couple of kilometres of un-scenic, pedestrian-unfriendly roads we gave up & opted for an ocean dip at the hotel instead (i swear i’m wearing a bikini in the photo below!).

we only really spent a morning here so there wasn’t time to appreciate it but, while it’s mostly pretty enough, it sadly wasn’t a highlight of our trip. the next stop, however, really was – so stay tuned!

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Bijelila, Lustica Peninsula, MontenegroBijelila, Lustica Peninsula, MontenegroLustica Peninsula, MontenegroBijelila, Lustica Peninsula, MontenegroLustica Peninsula, MontenegroSwimming in Bijelila, Lustica Peninsula, Montenegro

london, as seen by boat

London from the Thames

we just got back from 13-days in montenegro so while i sort out my snaps i thought i’d share a short iphone video from when my parents came to london for a day trip in june. whenever they visit their favourite thing to do is take a boat ride – it really is so much fun (plus, owing to the fact ryanair appear to have lost our baggage i’m kind-of off aviation for a while…good thing my next holiday involves the eurostar)! i hope you’ve had a fun couple of weeks, back soon!

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london thrift store guide | past caring

Past Caring, Islington, London

i used to be a big ikea advocate & while i’m still partial to the odd cheap-&-cheerful knick-knack my tastes are evolving as i get older (29 next month, eeeeeep!). my weekends are now often spent trawling vintage shops & antiques fairs. london is overrun with them but they are pretty hit & miss so i thought i’d share my recommendations as part of a new series, starting with what is hands-down our favourite vintage store, past caring on essex road. the prices are right, the staff are friendly & the items are just the right side of odd (& always in good condition). do take a peek if you’re ever in islington!

past caring, 54 essex road, n1 (nearest tube / train: angel / essex road)

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Past Caring, Islington, London